Castillon Homes - AMENITIES

Castillon Homes by Filinvest is a nest full of features and amenities that one will fall in love with. To begin with, the property offers all the basic necessities like 24x7 water supply, well-built structures as well as a proper maintenance of all the available facilities such that the quality of service never faces a drop.

There is a multi-purpose hall accommodated at Castillon Homes for the convenience of the residents. This hall can be used by any of the residents for hosting parties, events or functions which in turn saves a lot of time and allows the residents to host hassle-free events. This hall can be used by the residents to hold meetings or discussions as and when desired. Therefore, one can have hassle-free meetings, discussions, events, parties etc. while residing at Castillon Homes which is not just time-saving but also extremely convenient.

There is huge sized basketball court present at Castillon Homes which can be used by the residents to enhance their gaming skills. This facility is an amazement for the kids, the youth as well as the teens as they get to indulge in one of their favorite games right at their residence. There is also a vast playground available where kids can head to play with their friends. This lets your kids play while remaining well within the security of the property. 

To add to the greenery as well as the beauty of the property it proudly flaunts a tree park. This park is lush green owning beautiful green trees which not just adds beauty to the property but also imparts a pollution free environment within and around the community. One can even take a stroll in this or other available parks of Castillon Homes as and when desired to relax and unwind.

There are also various parks available where residents of almost all the age groups can dwell as per their desire. The elderly can head to the parks for morning or evening walks. The working masses can relax their minds here after a whole day's tiring work where the fresh air and lush green surroundings would work wonders.

Availability of an entrance gate well-guarded by trained security guards further adds on to the facilities list of Castillon Homes. There is a guardhouse available at the entrance occupied by guards. These security guards remain in charge of the security of the society. They make sure that all the areas of the property are well guarded and secured. Additionally, special attention is paid to the various entrants of Castillon Homes.

  • Multi-purpose Hall
  • Basketball Court
  • Parks and Playground
  • Tree Park
  • Entrance Marker
  • Entrance Gate & Guardhouse
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